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Enterprise Mail

Afanet’s Enterprise Mail service has been designed as a response to the requirements of organizations which use email as an operational tool. Email is one of the earliest services provided on the internet. Due to its long history, it has experienced many changes in the way it is provided, in its capabilities and in its security level. Afranet, as one of the first companies in the field of providing internet service and its related services in Iran, has gained valuable experience in this field.

Why use Afranet’s Enterprise Mail service?

Providing high quality service has always been a tenet for Afranet. With years of experience in the utilization of quality-control management systems (ISO 9001), Afranet has continuously strived towards enhancing and improving the services it provides for its clients. Using Emails has today become an everyday routine, and the accessibility of this service is one of its most important features. Afranet, by using a strong and standard data center equipped with proper hardware and separate links to the Internet, provides a highly accessible service. And since Afranet’s data center is located within the country, it suffers the least amount of international interference and offers the highest possible accessibility to both the Internet and the Intranet. The speed of accessing to email services is another important parameter in providing this kind of service. Email services hosted outside Iran always suffer from a lag, which impacts the speed of work among users and lowers the efficiency of employees. Afranet’s email service, by benefitting from the high strength of Afranet’s data center, which is due to its direct links to the Internet through 30 couples of optical fiber lines, is considered one of the best in the country and offers a very high accessibility speed. In many cases, companies use a shared web hosting service located inside or outside the country to satisfy their need for an email service. This has its own shortcomings. Since web hosting services’ emphasis is on offering web services, their email service is considered a peripheral service and lacks enough quality and capability; the accessibility speed is low and servers are constantly under the pressure of web requests, so they practically lower the speed and priority of responding to emails. Existing interruptions on international links cause interruption in email services. Furthermore, there’s no integrated panel for the management and control of email services because most adjustments concern web services. Since most email services use a shared IP, interruptions in any neighboring sites leads to interruption in all services (for instance, if a shared IP is added to a blacklist due to a user sending spam, email service for all subscribers will be interrupted.) Afranet’s Enterprise Mail service solves all the above-mentioned shortcomings because its service is organizational and can assign an organizational IP to each subscriber and also because it offers a very strong control panel.

Enterprise Mail
Total Storage(GB)
Yearly Price(IRR)
100 User

10 GB

19000000 IRR

250 User

25 GB

45000000 IRR

500 User

50 GB


750 User

75 GB


1000 User

100 GB


2000 User

200 GB


3000 User

300 GB


4000 User

400 GB


5000 User

500 GB